About Love

This Series, ‘About Love,’ is my attempt to explore how to practically and genuinely put into my life 1 Corinthians 13.  It is a work in progress, just like me.  But here is its humble beginnings.
On Waiting and Wiggle Room explores how to be patient in a fast paced world. Love is patient.
Plus One explores how surprisingly challenging kindness can be. Love is kind.
Us is the story of kindness spoken to me. Love is kind.
Pixels and Puzzle Pieces puts me in my place when I’m tempted to be proud. Love does not boast, it is not proud.
Confessions of a White Girl is a tale of misplaced boasting. Love does not boast, it is not proud.
In the Courthouse explores how quickly we can slide from making judgments to judging. Love does not boast, it is not proud.
And here is an excerpt from Directions in which I kick off the series.
Right and Left are fine when driving around the mainland, but  I learned last year while on vacation with family that Makai and Mauka work better in Hawaii.  Makai means “towards the sea,” and Mauka means “towards the mountain.”  Those words just make more sense on a small island.  With the vast sea waters all around you, it is the ocean that orients you.  Regardless of the place you’re standing, and the direction you are traveling, whatever you are doing, finding your bearings is simple.
Sometimes I think of myself as an island, and God is the ocean.  I’m just little teeny me, with limits and God is boundless, far-reaching and mighty.  Regardless of the obvious distinctions between myself and God, sometimes I still focus inward.  I live mauka, towards my own trivial mountain and lean on myself.
Sometimes I think of myself as an island, and love is the ocean.  I can be about me, what I want, and what my vision is.  I can be greedy and self-seeking and stingy and narrow and small.  Or I can live makai, and turn in the direction of love.  With each choice, I can err on the side of love, even as other options present themselves.
Sometimes God is the ocean.  Sometimes love is the ocean.  All the time God is love.
So I want to live Makai, towards the sea, towards God, towards love.

Hawaii 2015 Jeanine's Camera (140)

It’s just that so much screams otherwise.
I think I need more time thinking about what it means to live love, to live Makai.  So I’ve committed to exploring love more… not the fluffy stuff, not the early flirty first date stuff, not the glossed-over Christmas card appropriate stuff.  I want to know what love looks like at 4 a.m., on an empty bank account, and a full and overflowing schedule.  I want to know what love looks like when love is not returned.
I’m raising my glass and declaring Makai, and I’m bowing my head and praying Love.  Join me!