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Nothing to See

When I capture a picture on my camera, it helps me focus on that moment.  I want to save it,… Continue reading »

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Welcome Home: An Ode to Youth Ministry Done Well

This summer my husband celebrated 25 years of youth ministry.  It is an epic accomplishment and it marked the end… Continue reading »


First Day, Fifth Grade

When back to school shopping includes deodorant and your ten year old gives you instructions on appropriate farewell etiquette for… Continue reading »


What Got Jesus Into Trouble

What is faster? A cheetah or our car?  That was our serious conversation driving to church last Sunday. This wasn’t… Continue reading »


The One Who Hurries

It’s one of those mornings.  We are all tired.  The weekend was long and the laughter was loud, but the… Continue reading »

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Spirituality in the Post-Modern, especially for the parent

Our culture is transitioning. The questions we are asking and the dreams we are hoping for are taking us in… Continue reading »


Four Unorthodox Ways to Friendship

When I was younger I approached making friends much like a job interview.  I would put on cute impressive clothes. … Continue reading »


Confessions of a White Girl

  This is my story on race.  I hesitate to share it because I think that it is normative and… Continue reading »

bottom bunk

Teachable Moments From the Bottom Bunk

When my daughter was 3, I would look at her at think she was perfection.  She still had a little… Continue reading »

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Waiting and Wiggle Room

  I hate airport days! This is my husband faking how great it is to stand and wait in long… Continue reading »